We can help you tell your story visually and present it to the world digitally.


Our goal is to give businesses the chance to reach every potential customer. We’re more than a media production company. We partner with businesses to make the content we create for them available to the world through digital marketing.  



Video is one of the most compelling ways to communicate digitally. Whether you’re looking to capture the essence of an event, highlight a client’s testimonial, or introduce a new product - we have the production services to fit your needs.


As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In the digital world with limited character space and short attention spans, those 1,000 words can go a long way.

If you need product photos for your online store, candid captures at a corporate event, or employee headshots for your website - we’ve got you covered.


Coach BP Fitness | DawnG Media Photography

Coach BP, Fitness Coach

“DawnG Media completely transformed my Instagram and gave me a way to show my passion to the world!”


Social Media Management & Consulting

Social media has made it easier for companies to engage with consumers, but not without a plan. Through consulting, we can build strategy around your scroll-stopping content to make sure it reaches your target market.   

The internet is a big place – we get it. If maintaining your digital presence seems too daunting, no worries. We also offer platform management services.

Website Development

Where are you directing your customers to seal the deal? Social media can be a great tool for spreading awareness about your company, but users still expect to be directed to a website to learn more about your products and services.

A good website can add legitimacy to your company’s online presence. A great website can build a potential customer’s trust in your brand. We create well-designed websites with clear calls to action that users can easily navigate.


Carmen Mays Circle.png

Carmen Mays, Elevators on 4th

“In my experience, Kayla's most valuable skill is her intuition. I'm a horrible client in that I can't tell you what I want, only what I don't. Kayla was able to decipher my thoughts and produce a polished website that met the needs of my company. As we expand, I look forward to working with Kayla to further refine our digital presence.”


Kayla Dawn Gladney is the owner and founder of DawnG Media.


Kayla is an Alabama native who was born in Montgomery, but lives in Birmingham by way of UAB. She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Film Production in 2016.  

Kayla finds community with creative entrepreneurs and business owners who took a leap of faith in pursuit of their dreams. She is inspired by those who bet on themselves and she finds joy in supporting them and helping them succeed.

DawnG Media was born at the intersection of her love for visual media and her passion for the entrepreneurial spirit.


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