4 Steps for Creating Video Content

We all know by now the importance of using video in your digital marketing strategies. It is no secret that video content is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and increase engagement. The truth is, most people would rather watch an engaging video than read a boring article. When it comes to making any type of video, it all boils down to planning.

We know as a business owner you may not have time to sit down to plan, film, and edit a quality and professional video, but there are some things you can start thinking about to make the process easier. Now you may be thinking, where do I start? Well, we got you covered! We are going to share the 4 easy steps to start planning your video content. With no time to waste, lets get started!

#1 What do you want to talk about?
This is an obvious first step. What do you want the video to be about? Are you explaining how to do something? Are you sharing a personal story? Are you demonstrating a technique? Brainstorm as many ideas you can. You can never have to many ideas to save for later!

#2 Decide where you want to post it.
Where you want your video to go can help you determine which dimensions you need to use. If you’re posting on the IG timeline, you’ll probably want to make your video square (1080×1080). If your video will be in Instagram Stories, you’ll probably want to make it vertical (1080×1920). Youtube videos can stay with the standard size that most devices record in horizontally (1920×1080). Knowing where you want your video posted and the correct dimensions makes the editing process a bit easier in the long run. Save yourself some time!

#3 Decide how long you want it to be.
Deciding how long you want your video to be is an important thing to think about when editing your video. If you know you’re explaining something that’s complicated, you’re probably going to need more than 60-seconds. If you’re demonstrating something simple, you may be able to speed up the video and get it under 60-seconds. If you’ve prioritized where you want to post it, you’ll probably already have an answer to how long it can be.

#4 Write out your scripts.
It never hurts to write out a plan. Even if you know what you’re talking about like the back of your hand, you still need to write out a script. It’s time efficient. It makes sure the filming process go by much smoother and doesn’t take too long (especially if you’re paying someone by the hour). It also keeps you on track so you don’t end up rambling.

These steps can be done out of order depending on what you’re prioritizing (platform, length, content). Now that we broke down these 4 easy steps to help you get started, what are you waiting for? Start planning video content today!

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