Blockout Volleyball Academy

Social Media Management | Website Design | Content Creation

Blockout Volleyball Academy is the only all-girls volleyball training facility located in Birmingham, AL.Coach Nev is the head coach and owner, and she reached out to us for a shoot to capture some video content. That has since turned into a litany of digital marketing services that have essentially made us family.

Nev saw exponential growth with Blockout and needed someone she could trust to off-load her booming social media channels too. She wanted to see consistency and engagement online. More importantly, she wanted to increase her internal capacity. We were happy to step in and help.

Social Media Management

We manage all of BOA’s social media channels, we make most of their content, and we also consult on digital marketing strategy across the board.

Coach Nev Taylor

Blockout Volleyball Academy

DawnG Media has been a business life-changing addition to Block-Out Academy. They took a great deal of my responsibilities in a professional manner. And in a very short period of time, they delivered beyond what I thought was possible.

The work has not just helped relieve some time, it’s brought a good chunk of revenue through social media and the accounts have been interactive and growing. If you’re on the fence about the budget and the money, I think whatever you pay to DawnG is gonna double, triple, quadruple and the content you’ll always have to replicate and build on is priceless.

Website Design

We also recently redesigned and now manage their website.