Elevators on 4th

Elevators on 4th Website Design | Content Creation Elevators on 4th is a tech start-up that helps organizations better serve and engage the creatives of color in their community. Elevators is another company that has become family over the years. They brought us in to redesign their website. Carmen Mays Elevators on 4th In my […]

Fliss the Esthetician

Fliss the Esthetician Content Creation As an esthetician, Felicity relies on high-quality content that showcases her high-quality work. We’ve shot promo videos for social media, photo content of her in action, and we’ve done product shoots. I just want to thank DawnG Media for bringing my content to life. She gets it right every time. […]

Unleashed with Eva & The Firm Foundation

Unleashed with Eva & The Firm Foundation Content Creation | Video Production Pastor Eva Melton of The Firm Foundation was looking for a creative that she could trust to capture her vision. Our first project together was to produce two promotional videos – one for her personal brand, Unleashed with Eva, and the other for […]

Blockout Volleyball Academy

Blockout Volleyball Academy Social Media Management | Website Design | Content Creation Blockout Volleyball Academy is the only all-girls volleyball training facility located in Birmingham, AL.Coach Nev is the head coach and owner, and she reached out to us for a shoot to capture some video content. That has since turned into a litany of […]