Why Nonprofits Need to Invest in Digital Marketing

We typically think about for-profit companies when we talk about digital marketing. But those methods of reaching a specific audience aren’t exclusive to the for-profit world. They’re just as crucial for nonprofits.


Believe it or not, donor decision-making patterns are similar to those of potential customers looking to make a purchase: They shop around and check out websites before deciding where to make a donation. So, it goes without saying, you should have a website that looks good and is easy to navigate.


In order for an organization to fulfill its mission, it’ll need buy-in from the community. Video is the dominant form of content across most platforms right now. More specifically, it’s an effective fundraising tool. More than half of the people who watched a video for a nonprofit went on to make a donation. Nonprofits may be hesitant to spend the money on the front end for costs like video marketing, and understandably so. But it’s important to think about the increase in donations that video can bring if used appropriately.

Social Media

Social media is obviously a good platform for reaching volunteers and donors alike. But more than soliciting volunteers or money, you can use social media to build a community. Word of mouth goes just as long a way for nonprofits as it does for large corporations. If people see that there is a community of people invested in the work your organization is doing, they’ll be more likely to join the movement.

I remember hearing a finance officer for a nonprofit tell other nonprofit founders to stop describing their organizations like nonprofits. She said it’s just a tax designation. You’re still a business.

So, it’s with that spirit that I encourage nonprofits to embrace the fact that they’re a business! The only difference between you and for-profits are your goals.

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