Graphic Designer

Hey there!

I’m Kayla – the owner and CEO of DawnG Media – and I’m on the hunt for a graphic designer.


We simplify the content creation and web design process for service-based businesses. When I started DGM in 2018, we offered 4 services: Web Design, Video Production, Photography, & Social Media Management. Clients would come to me with their needs, and I’d create a proposal with any combination of those services.

Now in 2021, our focus is on increasing capacity and efficiency. I consolidated those 4 services into 6 distinct offers. This will allow us to streamline processes and serve more people. We’re essentially gearing up for a relaunch; I’m redesigning the website, updating branding (mostly messaging), and updating our digital marketing strategy to support the announcement of our new offers.

Our offers fall into 2 categories: Web Design and Content Creation & Management. Branding is built into all of our web design packages and we’re looking for a Graphic Designer to work on logo designs and other brand development material. An ideal candidate will be one who is highly motivated, tech-savvy and is proficient in Creative Suite products – especially Illustrator and Photoshop.

As the Graphic Designer, your duties would include:

·      Work with the Project Manager to ideate and develop designs based on client’s needs

·      Use digital illustration, photo editing software, and layout software to create designs

·      Create high-quality visual elements such as logos, digital graphic templates, mood boards, mockups, and other illustrations to present to clients in the vision discovery process

·      Collaborate with the Project Manager to design brand guides, including color selection, typefaces, and images 

·      Incorporate changes recommended by the Project Manager into final designs

I value consistency, efficiency, and initiative. I need someone who:

  • Is self-sufficient

  • Has 2-3 years of design experience

  • Has an ability to take initiative and employ good judgment.

  • Has exceptional attention to detail.

  • Values taking ownership over their work


Since you’ll be working very closely with me, I figured you should know what you’re getting yourself into…

  • I’m an old-spirited millennial.

  • I have a love-mostly hate relationship with girl boss culture.

  • My broke bff is my dog, 🐶 Mac Thee Daddy.

  • I get the exact same meal from any given restaurant every time I go there. 

  • I have DIY-ed most of the stuff in my house.

  • I love templates. (If you’ve gotten his far, tell me your favorite place to get branding mockups in your cover letter.)

  • I have the memory of a goldfish, so I rely on lists. (I hope you like Asana!)

  • I would risk my life for ice cream 🍦.

  • I am pro-black women ✊🏾.

  • I have a sign in my office that says: The more people I meet, the more I like my DOG.

  • I prefer written forms of communication (see note about memory).

  • I’m primarily listening 🎧 to King Von and Pretty Ricky right now.


  • Pay Rate: $18-$21/hour

  • Approximate Hours: Between 20-30 hours a month

  • 100% remote