5 digital marketing strategies we all know we should implement, but are too lazy to do

If you have ever looked into digital marketing, you can probably name a few common tactics that could improve your reach, grow your following, and increase your leads. A smooth Google search will give you the big ideas. Though these strategies make sense and may even seem simple on the surface, things change once you get into them. You end up asking yourself questions like, who has time for all of that?!

Disclaimer, there is really only one thing on this list I absolutely haven’t done for myself. But everything else feels like a chore for my own business; I’d rather be doing it for somebody else’s business (anybody else? Just me? Okay.)

A disclaimer to the disclaimer, this post is what saved me from not doing two things on this list. 😄

1. Blogging

Blogging is a great digital marketing tool. It allows you to put more keyword-bearing content out into the digital world, helping with SEO and giving people more opportunities to land on your website. It’s also a source of original content that can be shared via social media. If done correctly, it can even encourage engagement on those platforms. Blogging allows you to establish yourself as an expert and it builds credibility. Before you know it, you’ve become a go-to for people seeking information in your field.

It sounds like blogging is like hitting a home run. But here’s the thing – somebody has to actually write the thing! When you’ve got a whole team of people, it’s one thing. But when you are your only employee, it can feel like a chore to do for yourself. Solopreneur life has made me guilty of putting it off until this very post. (Ha!)

2. Scheduling social media content

The ability to schedule social media content is truly a God-send. You’re able to share content at the most optimal times on multiple platforms while in your sleep! (Let’s be serious. It’s more like while you’re eating chips and sending emails) It keeps you from having to remember to post this thing at this time on this day. You’re able to plan ahead.

But if we’re being honest, sitting down to schedule that content is just like anything else – it takes time. When you’re lazy, something that takes time is the last thing you want to do. The only thing more difficult than scheduling the social media content is remembering to schedule the social media content.

3. Mailing lists/Newsletters

Newsletters are good for putting your brand back on people’s radars sans the telemarketer vibes. One thing I personally love about the concept is that you are reaching out to people who have shown some sort of interest in your brand. People essentially have to give you permission to email them. In order to do that, they would have had to engage with your brand at some point.

Though marketing emails can be annoying, it’s MUCH better than a cold call. At least the recipient consented to you contacting them, even if they don’t remember doing it!

But there’s a pattern here for lazy people if you haven’t caught on yet — making a newsletter, especially one worth while, takes t i m e. Aside from figuring out what to say, you also need to consider the design. And the worst part…the subject line! Agh!

4. Engaging on social media

I believe this tactic may get overlooked when it comes to building a social media following. It may seem futile on the surface, but there are quite a few benefits to engaging on social media. And I’m not just talking about responding to comments that people leave on your posts. I’m talking about commenting on other posts that your target customer may be looking at.

For one, it can add points to your authenticity score as long as the engagement is genuine. If you’re a B2B company, commenting on the posts of businesses who are potential clients goes a long way. All of those encounters help set your first real conversation off to a warmer start. Not to mention, commenting on profiles outside of your own increases your visibility.

To be honest, this isn’t all that time consuming, especially if you’re like 80-90% of people in the world who do this anyway on their personal pages. You just have to remember to log in to your business profile to do the same thing. But ahh…the energy it takes to remember…

5. Using Hashtags

Hashtags can also be a great tool when used appropriately. They increase your visibility and allow you to engage with people who aren’t following you. Naturally, they can help you gain followers.

But here’s why using hashtags is on this list: you should really do a bit of research to see which hashtags you should be using. There are the general big word tags, but there are more specific tags that do a better job of reaching your target demo. You just have to take the time to figure out what those are. But, oh, time!

If you’re anything like me, you may feel a sense of relief knowing you weren’t the only lazy person in the world who’s been avoiding some of these tactics like the plague. But now that we’ve all acknowledged our problem, the expectation is that we fix it. So let’s hold each other accountable!


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